Sheraton Court care home Residents celebrate Valentine’s DayResidents at Sheraton Court, residential and residential dementia care home in Hartlepool, spent the 14th of February, filled with love as they celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Beautiful decorations were up all around the home on each of the floors. All the Residents enjoyed a lovely afternoon meal, and each Resident was presented with a flower and sweet treats.

Three college students who are regular volunteers at the care home put together a beautiful life size photo frame for the Residents to take photographs with on Valentine’s Day.

The photo frame prop went down well with the Residents as that all loved getting their photos taken. 

Lots of things were happening over the day including, crafts, singing, dancing. Both Residents and Colleagues joined in and had lots of fun. Many of the Residents spoke highly of a performance by a local singer. Betty, one of the Residents, remarked, “I’ve been living here for 9 months, and I’ve never heard such a beautiful voice in all that time.”

Resident, Lou Lister, said, “Thank you for making me laugh today, its been so lovely and silly.”

Carole Thomson, Care Home Manager, added, “All of the Residents had a lovely day spent sharing the love of Valentines Day with each and everyone at Sheraton Court.”