Silk Elephant charity donate to Stockport care home in Act of KindnessResidents and Colleagues at HC-One’s Appleton Manor care home in Stockport were recently on the receiving end of some lovely handmade gifts from local charity, Silk Elephant. 

Starting in March 2020, in response to COVID19, Silk Elephant have grown from 4 people to an amazing community of our 1,000 volunteers and kindness Ambassadors that cover the whole of the UK. 

Silk Elephants vision is to create a powerful movement with connected and passionate people who promote, give, and share simple acts of loving-kindness to relieve those in need, by reason of ill-health, bereavement, disability, financial hardship, or other life-challenging disadvantages.

On Monday 14th December, Appleton Manor received a phone call from Appleton Manor to discuss donating some lovely handmade hearts to the home, as a little act of kindness for the Residents. 

Sarah Harrison, Appleton wellbeing coordinator said: "Wow, I was very touched by story of what the charity does and to know they thought to come and gift us some very special hearts is amazing.”