Silver Sunday cocktail night at Nottingham care homeToday at Fosse Way View in Nottingham, which provides residential care, Residents have been celebrating Silver Sunday with a cocktail night.

Silver Sunday was initially a local campaign to raise awareness/tackle isolation and loneliness, but has now become a national day. This year, Fosse Way View have brought Residents and Colleagues together to enjoy a night of cocktails has quizzing! Frances, the Wellbeing Coordinator became a cocktail mixologist for the night and was taking requests from the Residents. A menu was also created for them to choose from which included both mocktails and cocktails. 

The cocktails contained all the Residents favourite flavours, fruits and tipples, they also had other additions to the cocktails such as tiny umbrellas, sparkles, flamingos and fancy straws. Residents said afterwards that “Frances made all of the drinks look really wonderful and were very tasty!”. After the cocktails, Frances had also arranged for a quiz to take place, where she became the quiz master. 

Speaking with the Residents afterwards, they all expressed how much fun they had, and how great Frances had made the whole experience. One Resident said “The atmosphere was lovely, it was a really fun night. I wish we had dressed in cocktail attire as there was a real party vibe”. Another Resident commented on how good the cocktails looked, “The cocktails were fantastic! Even the drink layout on the cart was very professional”.

Tracey, a Care Assistant who attended said, “The whole event was absolutely gorgeous, I loved seeing the smiles on everybody’s face”.