Singing in the rain for Limpley ResidentsThe theme for today’s wellbeing activity at Avonpark care home, in Stoke, was chosen by Wellbeing Coordinator Leanne and it was ‘Singing in the Rain’.  

Colleagues connected by video call to four other homes and we done our presentation first and then watched the other homes complete their presentations.  

Fellow Coordinator, Tash, decorated the room with rainbows which Residents had painted a few days before, and a silver backdrop with raindrops everywhere.  

The Residents sang the classic ‘Singing in the Rain’ and Resident David Machin read out the Doctor Foster Poem and explained the meaning behind the poem. 

Kitchen Colleagues prepared a lovely cake which was full of flavour, and other Colleagues wore yellow macs as if they were out in the rain!  

Everyone got involved.  White and Red wine was handed out to the Residents and the atmosphere was lovely! See pictured Resident Dorothy Prater, David Machin, John Treasure and Molly Phelps who all had a wonderful time.