Skellingthorpe care home’s kind community ChristmasNot only Colleagues at White Gables residential memory and nursing memory care home, but members of the wider community, have stepped up to provide the Residents of the home an extra special Christmas this year. 

Everyone was delighted when the family, who live next to the home, donated some extra presents for the Residents this year. It was an unexpected act of kindness which was greatly appreciated. 

Resident Brian and his dog Tiny go out for walks up and down the long lane that leads to both properties daily. He often stops to pass the time of day with the neighbours, over the partition gate. The children have become very fond of his dog and wanted to include them in their gift giving this year. Thay also gave some extra little gifts for the Residents who may not have family of their own. 

Jess Hayes, Care Home Manager, commented, “This was a special thing to do from people so young. We thank the family very much for their kind gesture and are designing a thank you card to give to them.”

Staff from Annicare also donated some extra gifts to distribute to Residents which, everyone was also grateful for. After giving gift baskets to all their own service users they found they had some left over. Instead of saving them for another day they donated them to Residents at White Gables. 

Jess added, “Thanks to the kindness of the community we had lots of gifts for our Santa and his little elf to deliver this year. I am overjoyed with the generosity of those outside of the home at this most special time of year.”

See pictured Residents Colin Graves and Joan Warren admiring the donations.