Smiles all around for puppy therapy at Dukinfield care homeToday at the Beeches residential care home, in Greater Manchester, carer Jane came in with her new puppy Molly as a treat for the Residents. 

The Residents haven’t seen any animals for over a year and they were all made up with the little visitor today. 

Molly made herself right at home and enjoyed cuddles with the Residents. 

There were also lots of conversations, reminiscing about what dogs the ladies had while growing up and stories of why some didn’t have a dog as a pet. It was a lovely topic of conversation for the morning. 

Colleagues agreed that seeing the smiles from the Residents was lovely and shows how much fun and enjoyment Molly brought to the home today.

Catherine, who lives at the Beeches, remarked, “She is beautiful, she has made my day.”

Fellow Resident Gladys added, “The dog is lovely, it’s been awhile since I have seen a puppy!”

Sade, on the wellbeing team, commented, “Molly definitely brightened up the home with her visit today. It’s been over a year since we had any sort of animal therapy in the home and it’s an activity all the Residents enjoyed it.” 

“Today was lovely to see all those smiles again especially from those who don’t usually join in with day to day activities.”