Snapethorpe Hall’s visit from a crafty snowmanResidents at Snapethorpe Hall, residential and nursing care home, in Wakefield, were thrilled to be gifted an early Christmas present.

A huge snowman was gifted to the home, by a Relative of one of the Residents. Mary Chappell, a Residents, was very happy as her daughter Lynn, donated a huge snowman for the reception area.

The snowman has been well received by everyone. When the Residents walk past they always have a smile on their face, in fact the snowman has become a talking point for them. Residents are still trying to think of a name for him. 

Lynn, Mary’s daughter, commented, “I just wanted to give something back to the home and thought he might be a great addition to the festivities and decorations.”

John Cairnes, Care Home Manager, added, “It is very kind for you to make this for the Residents.”