Snow day at County Durham care homeResidents had fun playing with snow from the comfort of home today at HC-One’s St Margaret’s care home in Crossgate.

The home suffered from transport issues as many Colleagues struggled to battle the elements to arrive safely at work.

But for many Residents of the home, the snow was all fun and games!

Residents were extremely excited to see the snow falling from the sky while keep warm in their rooms with copious amounts of tea.

For the sake of safety, the Residents were unable to go outside.

But Colleagues at St Margaret’s made sure they didn’t miss out and brought the snow to them to enjoy in the warm.

One Resident, upon putting their hands in the snow, giggled: “Oh isn’t it cold!”

Playing in the snow was an uplifting moment for many Residents and there were smiles and laughter all around.

St Margaret’s Home Manager, Katherine Swainston, said: “It was so lovely to be able to bring the snow into the home for our Residents to enjoy.”