Snowball fight breaks out at Rotherham care homeOne Resident decided to get in on the action today after a snowball fight broke out amongst Colleagues at HC-One’s Silverwood care home in Sunnyside.

Joan braved the cold to go play in the snow and have a laugh with Colleagues at the home.

But Carrie Davies and Mia Margrave, two Colleagues at Silverwood, had no idea just what they had got themselves into as Joan pelted them with snowballs.

Joan said: “It was nice to be daft for a while and throw snowballs at the girls.

“I hope the neighbours don’t mind though.”

The three ladies also made a friendly snowman to peek at the Residents keeping warm in the home.

Everyone had fun, including those inside watching out of the window.

Silverwood Home Manager, Carrie Davies, said: “Sometimes we need to have fun and take things less seriously.

“It was nice to take some time out to have fun.”