Somerset care home Residents greet furry friendToday at the Glen residential and nursing care home, in Evercreech, Residents had a visit from Gigi the service dog and she had plenty of snuggles for everyone!

Throughout the day, Gigi made her way around the home to see all Residents; she got cuddles and attention from all. This also gave Colleagues the opportunity to spend some one to one time with the Residents in their rooms.

The Residents loved to see her and the visit encouraged everyone to talk about their family pets they have had in the past.  

A lot of the Residents said that they would love for Gigi to visit again soon as they had not seen dogs in a while. June Duffield, who lives at the Glen, said, “She brightens up the home and puts a smile on everyone’s face.”

Thelma Turner, Resident, added, “I would love to see her again, can she visit again?”

Percy Lambert, who also lives at the Glen, added, “She is so lovely, dogs are so relaxing.”

Terri-Ann Weatherall, Care Home Manager, commented, “The Residents enjoyed seeing Gigi so much, we all look forward to the local animal sanctuary bringing their mixture of animals in for a garden visit.”