South Wales Resident gets wedding-readyOne Resident at HC-One’s Church View residential care and residential memory care home, in Caerphilly, has been getting her best frock on to attend the family wedding.  

Mary Probert, is described as ‘The life and soul of the party’ and is often found swinging her skirt, clapping, and getting everyone to join in for a dance. 

Today, Mary’s grandson Gethin, was to marry his love, Jen. 

The family asked Colleagues if it would be possible do a Zoom video call, so that Mary could watch. So Colleagues thought to make this as memorable as they can for Mary and her family. 

It was then organised for Mary to have matching clothes, so she would be in with the colour scheme and Jen had brought in a Probert Welsh Tartan Rose to match the family kilt that the groom was wearing. 

Mary also recorded a toast to send to Jen and Gethin and remarked on various family members, “Oh doesn’t my John scrub up dandy!”

Marie Mills, Wellbeing Coordinator who organised the whole day, commented, “Mary was totally aware of the whole process, it was amazing, from coming in a bit early to get her ready, To the make-up, a glass of Rose, to choosing an outfit, a flower in her hair. It was lovely!” 

“It was amazing. We sat and waited with Mary grasping my hand, and shouting every time someone came into view. When Jen walked in looking fantastic Mary was so happy. I cannot have wished for a better experience for the family and our Mary.”

“The whole experience was just fantastic and the family have been so very thankful for how Mary was part of their big day.  I cannot express how they have made me feel by making sure everyone knows that to be in a job like ours, is all about love and respect and dignity.”