Spring at Brompton HouseResidents at Broadway’s nursing and residential care home enjoined a spring day with home baking and homemade decorations. 

Some of the people residing at the home-made decorations and baked a cake, they also took part in a celebration of the beautiful weather. 

Everyone sang songs and read poems while being connected with the other local care homes via video call. All Residents also enjoined cheeky glass of red wine and cheese boards. 

Colleagues dressed in spring themed characters, including a ladybird, bumblebee, rabbit and a sheep. Residents found it highly amusing!

Julie and Vicky, on the activities team, certainly made many Residents smile with one saying, “I love how the girls are dressing up to make us smile.”

Julie said, “I love going to the Residents who are not able to leave their room and see their faces when they see what happened to their work.”