Springtime fun at Barnard Castle care homeResidents at Beaconsfield Court care home, in Barnard Castle have had lots of fun this springtime taking part in cool activities involving creepy crawlies and pottery painting.

To celebrate Easter some of the Residents took part in a Easter pottery painting class. 

Caroline from Crafty Ceramics brought the Residents, Easter Bunnies to decorate.  There were 5 Residents who joined in to paint on ceramics. 

The bunnies were pre-made, and Caroline brought with her many coloured paints for the Residents to choose. Caroline then took them home to be fully dipped in glaze and fired in her kiln.   

The results were amazing totally different, the colours and patterns were more defined, and the Residents were really happy with how they turned out.

Since it was Easter Residents enjoyed mini chocolate eggs with a cuppa, the conversation was flowing, and everyone was reminiscing about school days. The activity was a huge success, and the Residents would love Caroline to come back soon for another lesson in pottery painting.

The on the 13th April, Zoolab came along to the 30-bed residential care home for an afternoon filled with creepy crawlies and furry friends.

Rob the animal handler brought along Matilda the cockroach, Elma the tortoise, Romeo the snake, Jasmine the rat, Turbo the giant land snail, Twiggy the stick insect and a spooky black scorpion which glowed when it was under UV light. 

Eight Residents attended the animal handling experience and had a fantastic time. Rob had so much knowledge to share about each of the animals and gave all the Residents an opportunity to hold, stroke or look at the animals.

One of the Residents loved Jasmine, she said, “Ahhh aren’t you lovely, Jasmin the rat has such a cute face.”

The Residents had a great time, they were braver than the Colleagues who were terrified of some of the animals. 

Laura Langridge, Care Home Manager, commented, “As usual Rob captures the audience’s attention and keeps them entertained for the whole session. The Residents loved the session as always.”