St George’s Day at Clarendon HallAt residential and nursing care home, Clarendon Hall, in Humberston, everyone celebrated St George’s Day with a party. 

Residents came with their swords and shields, that they had made previously, and were ready to party.

They started with an information session about St George and why we celebrate this day as a nation; which the Residents found interesting. 

Then Colleagues put on some patriotic music, which the Residents picked themselves, such as "Land of Hope and Glory" and "God Save The Queen".

Betty, pictured with fellow Residents Bessie, Terry and Ruby, said, “The dragon was symbolic, so it could be anything which is a form of something we should fight.”

Cakes were served which displayed the St George’s flag and the drinks trolley came around too, so that the Residents could have their favourite tipple! 

Everyone chatted away and even sung along with some of the tunes. Many of the Residents said they had had a wonderful afternoon and are looking forward to the next party.

Hayley, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “We discovered that St George didn't actually slay a dragon, it was just symbolism.”

“Everyone enjoyed singing along with the music and synchronised sword dancing!”