St Patrick’s Day at the SycamoresIn celebration of St Patrick’s Day at the Sycamores care home, in Hyde, Residents were treated to a lounge party. 

Colleagues, including Wellbeing Coordinator Renee Bell, decorated the lounge with different types of décor such as posters, balloons, flags, bunting and shamrocks, all representing the traditional Irish colours. 

“Great Décor it looks very lively in the lounge nice and bright,” commented one of the Residents.

Residents had a variety of snacks to choose from such as homemade chocolate nuns with green star icing, which were especially made in the kitchen for St Patrick’s Day. There were also other types of snacks such as cakes, sweets and chocolates.

The home also had a pub section with their very own ‘Sycamores Inn’ bar on display which consisted of a wide variety of alcoholic drinks available; Residents could independently order from the bar or have table service, should they wish. 

“Oh, it’s great this pub, I try to come as often as possible. I always meet great people here,” laughed Resident Joan Fogg.

During the afternoon party, Residents enjoyed having lots of fun and acting silly with different props, including beer pint hats, other Irish themed hats, Irish flags, and also photo booth props including ginger beards.

The Residents had a good laugh trying on different props and taking pictures.

Then everyone enjoyed some virtual entertainment from the highly liked regular; Deborah the singer. Residents enjoyed singing and dancing along to familiar songs sung by Deborah and enjoyed watching her try out some different styles of dancing including, Irish line and tap dancing.

Carol Potts, Home Manager, remarked, “I think our wellbeing team did an amazing job in throwing the party, the Residents had a lot of fun and were thoroughly engaged throughout.”