Stalybridge care home have a great start to activities this Autumn
A plentiful supply of activities has been taking place at Millbrook care home, in Tameside, as Residents have been sprucing up the home’s garden, taking part in the Macmillan coffee morning, and journeying out twice in Manchester to the local Stamford Park and a spot of shopping in the Trafford Centre.

This year, similarly, to last year, Millbrook care home received many wonderful compliments about the fantastic improvements in the garden of the 46-bed residential care home. Building on the success in the HC-One garden competition last year, several new kinds of seeds were sown this year, including poppies, marigold, and sweetpeas. The appearance of the home was greatly enhanced when the seeds blossomed. 

Many Residents were very happy with the visiting area and told their Relatives about it. In turn the Relatives thanked Colleagues at the home for their hard work and mentioned about what a fantastic difference it has made! 

The benefits of the garden club have been numerous. Residents greatly enjoy the improved aesthetics of their sitting areas and the number of bees coming to visit has also been great for the environment. Above all, Residents have greatly enjoyed spending time together amongst nature; experiencing good company in pleasant activities with nature. 

Additionally, Millbrook also succeeded in growing some tomatoes in the greenhouse. Some of these were donated to the ‘Together Centre’ in Dukinfield who were able to transfer them to their allotments where people could tend to their growth. This has enabled Millbrook care home to forge closer links with another section of the community.

The home is happy to welcome people in the local community into their garden. The Residents in the garden club have been fantastic from seed-to-sprout with all the plants. Without their work Millbrook’s garden would have struggled to flourish as much as it has. 

Residents, including Jackie, Sheila and Florence, enjoyed transforming the garden and taking care of the flowers with Alina, the home’s Wellbeing Coordinator. Jackie, said, “Our garden looks wonderful!”

Claire Jones, Care Home Manager, commented, “Every summer our Residents love spending time in the garden. Last year we won the HC-One garden competition, so we wanted to do even better this year. Doesn’t it look beautiful.  Everyone (Residents and families) love spending time in the garden.”

“We are already looking forward to seeing even more flowers in bloom next year including our daffodils which have just been sown.”

The autumn season activities continued with a Residents trip out to new and old places in Manchester. 

On the 26th of September, Jean and Barbara (both Residents) visited the local Stamford Park, which is situated on the historic boundary between Ashton-under -Lyne and Stalybridge. 

Together with Colleagues, they had the chance to relax and walk around on a gorgeous sunny day, admiring the beautiful plants and flowers and looking at the birds from Aviary Corner.  They also stopped to have a snack in the cafĂ© where they enjoyed a lovely coffee and some cakes. 

Barbara remarked, “What a pleasant day out in the sunshine!”

For the second trip, which took place on 4th October, Colleagues Alina and Wellbeing Coordinator Gavin decided to take the Residents Barbara, Jean, Vicky and Hilda, somewhere they had never been before, and the Trafford Centre seemed the best idea. 

Vicky, who is new to Manchester, had the chance to visit the Trafford Centre and run some errands, including having her watch strap fixed and some Christmas shopping for loved ones.  Afterwards, indulging in some Krispy Kreme doughnuts with a cuppa!

Hilda and Alina enjoyed window shopping and strolling through the shopping mall looking at shoes, handbags, gadgets, and many other items, finding that it's a great way to relax in an environment outside the home. Hilda loved the fountains and shops in the Trafford centre.

Everyone loved all the scenery in the Trafford centre and numerous restaurants and shops.  

Following on, Millbrook have also been taking place in the World’s Biggest coffee Morning, with Macmillan on 30th September. 

It was a lovely morning where Relatives were able to join in with their loved ones and Colleagues to spend some quality time together.

The kitchen team made some fantastic cakes which were beautiful to look at and tasty to eat! Liz, who is a Resident at the home said, “The cakes were lovely and very delicious.” Another Resident commented that the pineapple cake was their favourite. 

It was uplifting to see family, staff, and residents chatting to each other. 

Families had the opportunity to donate for to the charity and the home managed to raise over £90 for Macmillan! 

Visitors and Residents were thrilled that the event was for a good cause that can really make a difference to peoples’ lives.

Claire said, “Many thanks to all involved and to everyone who came and gave donations and bought cakes. Such a great cause… and who doesn’t like cake!”