Stockport care home Residents receive second vaccineThis week Resident on the nursing unit and the memory care unit at Appleton Manor care home, received their last Covid-19 vaccinations. 

Doctors and nurses from the Brinnington health care surgery, as well as the Army's Royal Air Force, based in Oxfordshire, came in to administer Residents with their vaccinations. 

The Residents were over the moon to see them and felt very privileged to have been able to have a photograph taken with them. Sarah, Wellbeing Coordinator, went around with the vaccinators to help with any assistance needed. One of the home’s new Residents, Dorothy who is 101 years old, was looking very well was pleased to have her photo taken with the army.

Fellow Resident, Pam, joked, “Oh, who is that handsome man? Come here and let me have a picture!” 

Sarah remarked, “It’s great to see all the support we got from the team of doctors, nurses and army. Everything seemed to run smoothly.”