Stockton care home remember past Residents with Christmas Remembrance treeColleagues at HC-One’s Victoria House care home in Stockton remembered their past Residents, unveiling a tree of Remembrance.

As part of the festive celebrations this year at Victoria House, Colleagues thought it would be nice to remember some of the Residents who they have sadly lost this year. To do this, Colleagues decided to write the initials of each Resident who had passed away during the past twelve months on a wooden heart and attach these to a white trig tree which is placed in the reception.

Not only is this remembering the Residents, it will hopefully also provide some comfort to the families of these Residents and the staff who have worked with them throughout the year.

Carly Baker, wellbeing coordinator, said: “It felt like a good way for us to commemorate the lives of the Residents who have passed away during this year.”

After the lovely service of unveiling the tree and remembering those who the home had lost, they then brightened up the mood and enjoyed a lovely Christmas treat with their afternoon tea.

Christmas themed cookies were handmade by Chef Dawn Parkinson in the kitchen on her day off for the Residents to enjoy.

During their afternoon tea, Residents received a large hand full of Christmas cards written to the Residents from students at Stockton Sixth Form College. 

Residents spent the afternoon enjoying their treats and reading the lovely messages from the students contained within the cards. Lots of laughter was had at some of the Christmas jokes the students had written within the cards.

Carly Baker, wellbeing coordinator, said: “It is a really positive thing when the community surrounding the care home come together to remind the Residents that they are thinking of and supporting them at this time of year.”