Stoke care home celebrate the ‘Happy Month of March’Residents and Colleagues at HC-One’s Stadium Court care home in Stoke celebrate many different events throughout March, from the easing of visiting restriction, to Mother’s Day and St Patrick’s Day.

Stadium Court enjoyed a wonderful start to March. When Colleagues recommenced indoor visits on the 8th there were numerous emotive moments on both sides as Residents and loved ones were reunited.

A burst of daffodils throughout the gardens helped to put a smile on everyone face. The homes star baker Emma made a wonderful collection of cupcakes for St Patricks Day which was a fun occasion with staff dressed up as leprechauns.

A student "Zara" from one of Stadium Court’s local schools brought along some pots already planted with marigolds seeds. A competition is in place to see which plant flowers first. As the home approached the end of the month "Claire" from the homes local Morrisons store donated Easter eggs for all of the Residents and staff.

Maureen Southern, Home Manager at Stadium Court said: “Let’s hope the sunshine stays so we can spend more time out side.”