Stoke-on-Trent care home Resident turns 80Colleagues at HC-One’s Stadium Court care home, in Staffordshire, made the day that extra bit more special for one Resident who turned 80 on 30th November.

Lillian Tinsley was born 30th November 1940 and was the youngest of five siblings. She grew up in Walstanton and married her husband Eric in a small chapel in Longport in 1962. Lillian has two children Ian and Karen, as well as four grandchildren. Lillian lived in Wales for part of her married life, and says that she loved it in Ansley. Then she came back to Staffordshire to a small bungalow in Barlston. Lillian always worked in retail and her last job she was as a manager at Vision Express.

For her birthday Colleagues organised decorations including banners and a cake. Lillian was showered with cards and gifts, much to her delight (see pictured).

Care home manager, Maureen Southern, remarked, “We realise how difficult it can be at the moment for a Resident to enjoy celebrating their birthday when families cannot share it with them. But our Colleagues love to make an extra effort and Lilian said she felt very special throughout the day!”