Summerhill care home host a weekly bake offAt Summerhill, residential, nursing and dementia care home in Kendal, Residents enjoy taking park in a bake off style competition.

Each week the care home hosts a bake off, where the Wellbeing Team and a group of Residents go against each other to see who will be crowned bake off champion. The Residents absolutely love it.

This week Sean, Wellbeing Coordinator and Residents from the Buttermere Community went up against, Jane, Wellbeing Coordinator and Residents from Grasmere Community, in a challenge to make the best chocolate brownies. 

Sean and the Buttermere Community Residents were victorious on this occasion.

The Residents thought the baking was amazing and it provided a lot of conversation but also a lot of fun. One Resident said, “I remember baking brownies with my daughter when she was little and with my parents when I was, this brought back such good memories.”

Home Manager, Kathleen Dean says, “Our baking group is growing each week and gives our team a great chance to learn more and more about our Residents each time.”