Super Residents James and Jean at Westwood LodgeWestwood Lodge nursing care home, in Wigan, have two Residents James and Jean who have been very busy this November. 

James McCann, who recently turned 92, came to Westwood Lodge for palliative care and the improvement he has made in the past months is amazing! He enjoys helping Colleagues out too.

Chloe Webb, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “We are all so happy at how well James is doing. He now really enjoys helping out at mealtimes to feel part of the team.”

“We couldn’t imagine Westwood Lodge without James; he cheers us all up everyday”

James commented, “I enjoy helping, and it passes the time.”

Following on, Residents at Westwood Lodge have always worked really hard to keep the gardens beautiful with freshly planted flowers and this year, they entered into the garden competition again. Resident Jean Kindley has won the Green Fingers Award! 

Jean is a proud gardener, who has always loved to garden before moving into Westwood Lodge.

Chloe said, “We are so proud of Jean, she put so much effort into our beautiful gardens at Westwood Lodge.”

“I am so happy that Jean has won the award, she loves to garden and has made our gardens beautiful.”

Jean remarked, “I can’t believe I have won; I never win anything. Thank you.”