Surprise Christmas Llama visit brings festive joy and laughter to Grimsby care homeThis year, all the reindeer are self-isolating ready for Christmas, so instead Residents at HC-One’s Clarendon Hall care home in Grimsby had a visit from the Christmas Llamas.

The two llamas arrived wearing their finest Christmas jumpers and slowly made their way around the outside of the building and peered through the windows at the expectant Residents. 

Stephanie, the home administrator, joked with a new Resident, who had only joined the day before the Llamas visited, saying: “Well I bet you weren't expecting to see a Llama when you arrived did you?”

The Llamas were greeted by waves and laughter as the Residents sat at various windows awaiting their arrival. Residents who were unable to visit the windows still enjoyed the fun as Colleagues had set up a video call so Residents could join in on the fun from the comfort of their own rooms.

Clarendon Hall Home Manager, Nicola joked, “We don't need a gardener now as they're eating the bushes for us and keeping them trimmed.”