Sutherland Court care home host a fantastic Christmas fairEvery year at Sutherland Court, residential and residential memory care home, in Newcastle, usually host a Christmas fair, but this year things were done slightly different. 

Due to restrictions, Sutherland Court were unable to host their Christmas fair. Judith, the Wellbeing Coordinator, came up with a brilliant plan to find a venue to host the fair. St Roberts Church kindly offered the home the church hall, free of charge, for the afternoon on the 27th of November.

Judith advertised tables for £5.00 to local businesses and crafters. Money raised from the tables was donated to the church, a total of £50.00 was raised.

All families, friends and staff were asked to donate towards the raffle and tombola, and an incredible £651.50 was raised towards the Residents fund. The money will be used to buy the Residents a nice gift to make their Christmas even more special. 

Judith was shocked that even with the terrible weather, the footfall was great!

Ada Hannah, a Resident, attended the fair with her family. She said, “I really enjoyed myself, the atmosphere was amazing.”

Jackie McKeswick, Care Home Manager, added, “It was fantastic to see all of Judith’s hard work paid off and amazing to see how much money was raised. I am very proud of my team.”