Swallownest Residents get carving pumpkinsAt Swallownest residential and nursing care home, in Sheffield, preparations have begun for the Halloween season. 

Residents have started with carving pumpkins out so they can have them displayed in the home’s windows, all lit up. 

Colleagues worked with Residents on a one to one basis as the carving could be quite difficult. 

Christopher Parker and Leeta Chapman, who are both pictured, thoroughly enjoyed the activity and Christopher commented, “I have plans to put this in my bedroom window once its finished.”

Leeta added, laughing, “It’s a messy job but someone has to do it! It will be worth it.”

Amanda Fields, Home Manager, remarked, “The Residents made me smile while the pumpkins where getting carved out. It was quite obvious that the ladies were leaving the dirty job of digging the pumpkins out to the men.”