Tea party and exercise for Broadway ResidentsNot only have Residents at Brompton House care home been indulging in an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed tea party, but Colleagues have also been working hard to keep everyone busy and active by gentle exercising. 

Activities Coordinator Vicky became the Mad Hatter for the day, as well as fellow Colleague Julie who was the Rabbit and Healthcare Assistant Mo become the Queen of Hearts. 

The Residents made some scones with the Head Chef, which they enjoined with a freshly brewed tea. 

The home was beautifully decorated to transform into the theme from the book and to ensure Residents felt like they were in Wonderland.

Residents loved Colleagues being dressed up and how realistic the place looked.

Residents felt they have been taken into a Wonderland and really appreciated the effort, costumes, decorations and food.

Kate Corcoran, Home Manager who was dressed as the famous ‘Alice’, remarked, “It was wonderful to see smiles on Residents’ faces when we visited them all dressed up. They really loved the tea party and home baking.”

Also, this week, a session on gentle exercising was held by the fantastic activities team who are helping to ensure all Residents get their weekly exercise in. 

Colleagues state that they are not only supporting Residents psychological but also physically to, “We are making sure that they all enjoying the stretches on a weekly basis that helps with their joints and balance.”

All residents are welcome to the session, regardless of their ability; the team always make sure that each exercise is based on each individual ability. The Residents also love when Colleagues getting involved, including Kate herself, who used to do gymnastics and does the splits and stretches for the Residents.

Residents have a lot of fun and they feel this will positively impact on their general wellbeing.

One of the Residents said, “It is a very good idea, it makes me motivate to move around and it is a great fun with the girls and other Residents.”

Kate added, “It is lovely to see Residents to be involved in exercising again. We are choosing gentle exercises based on individual needs.”