The Glen celebrates their annual Christmas partyOn Saturday 11th December, the Residents at the Glen residential and nursing care home, in Somerset, enjoyed the annual Christmas party.  

Together the Residents watched a pantomime followed by a singing act.  They enjoyed both performances, with lots of smiles and laughter to be seen.  

Throughout the entertainment, Residents enjoyed a couple of tipples of their choice and a lovely buffet tea, with lots of different selections of food. The buffet food was taken to all Residents’ rooms that didn't want to join or were unable to. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the nibbles.

Residents loved the singing act by entertainers Rob and Sian, they really got the Residents involved with the singing.

Barbara Park, who lives at the home, commented, “The singing act is great, I would love to see them again!”

Fellow Residents B. Ellison and T. Turner agreed, “Absolutely brilliant,” and “The pantomime was funny!”

Terri-Ann Weatherall, Care Home Manager, said, “The Residents had lots of fun. It was lovely to see them singing and clapping and getting involved.”