The Living Egg Project at Redmill care homeResidents at Redmill, nursing and nursing dementia care home, in West Lothian, have been very busy looking after some very exciting, new pets.

Redmill have recently participated in the Living Egg Project, where the Residents have watched baby chickens hatch from an incubator to watching them grow into adult chickens. 

To accommodate for the chickens growing a chicken coop in the courtyard has been built so they can be raised as part of the Redmill family. 

Residents, Robert, Margaret and Silvia kept a close eye on the chicks, making sure they were all ok when they were ready to hatch. 

As the Residents have been involved in the process of looking after the chicks, they have also been tasked to name each of the chicks. As of now only 3 chicks have been named, Bobert, DJ and Heatherbell. 7 chicks are still to be named; however, the Residents are waiting until the chicks’ features grow in to see what names suits them best. Robert, remarked, “I enjoyed naming my chick Bobert!”

One of the Residents, commented, “It’s amazing! I can’t believe how quickly they grow!”

Donna Bain, Care Home Manager, added, “The Living Egg Project has prompted our dear Residents to reminisce a time when they were young and raised their own chickens.”