The Resident florists of Millbrook care homeAt residential care home, the Millbrook, Residents have taken on a new passion for flowers and flower arranging. 

Many existing Residents have a knowledge of techniques to beautifully display blooms and keep them looking fresh, and Colleagues wanted to give them a chance to showcase their abilities!

Wellbeing Coordinator, described, “One of the first steps we took was to decide on a colour scheme before buying the fresh flowers, so we can work with colours that go well together. Once we had the flowers, our Residents prepared them by removing the extra leaves and damaged petals from stem and chose a suitable vase to display their works.”

“This is a beautiful activity, I really enjoyed it!” remarked Resident Joan.

Residents, including Jean, Joan and Maria, then arranged the delicate blooms in the vase of their choosing; filling the vase with water to keep the flowers hydrated. Then got to keep their own arrangements in their room to enjoy their hard work. Everyone liked the vibrant colours of the flowers and the result.

Claire Jones, Home Manager, added, “Thank you to everyone that took part, you have added a touch of summer to our home!” 

“The Residents really enjoyed this activity, the smells from the flowers and having the flower arrangements around the home brought a smile to everyone.”