The return of Zumba classes to Hinckley Park care homeResidents at Hinckley Park care home in Leicestershire, have never been as happy as Zumba is back!
As many of the Resident can remember in February 2022, it was the last Zumba class, before it had to be put on pause.

Zumba dance parties were a huge hit with the Residents as were extremely happy when they found out the classes were coming back to the care home. Zumba is a great activity to get the Residents up and moving as well as having lots of fun.

Residents at the residential and nursing care home, gave Jo the Zumba a teacher a warm welcome as they have never been happier to have an activity return.

Some of the Residents were unfamiliar with the activity, so for the first time back everyone took it slow, but that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time.

Everyone said a massive thank you to Jo for making it so special. Betty Truelove, said, “That was more fun than I thought it would be.”

Louise McQuone, Care Home Manager, remarked, “These are the moments that are so precious to see, allowing the Residents to be free and have fun.”