The Sycamores Harvest FestivalIn honour of this year’s Harvest Festival, HC-One’s the Sycamores residential and residential memory care home, in Hyde, came together as a home to celebrate. 

After decoration all the lounges throughout the home, everyone enjoyed a party in the main lounge area, with lots of fun including alcoholic drinks, Harvest related snacks and treats, arts, and crafts and lots of singing and dancing.

There was also a selection of red, white and mulled wines available and the snacks included apple pies, blackcurrant and cherry pies, cheesy breadsticks and Tiger bread.

Colleagues choose this selection of drinks and snacks as these are the types of produce expected at Harvest time, which reminds the Residents of how they and others around the world celebrate this period.

Residents then enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon with lots of signing an dancing to Harvest hymns with the favourites being; ‘The Whole World In His Hands’ and ‘All Things Bright And Beautiful’. They enjoyed other sing songs including the eras of the 40’s, 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Residents involved had a great time singing and preforming dances such as ‘The Jive’. 

At the end of our celebration, everyone all stood (where possible) and enjoyed The British National Anthem which the Residents took great pride in reciting. 

Doreen Duncan, who is a Resident at the home, remarked, “What a time to be alive!”

Wellbeing Coordinator Renee Bell organised an arts and crafts session during the event where the Residents were supported to make ‘Harvest Reefs’ with autumn related props such as pumpkins, scarecrows and apples. For those Residents who participated in the arts and crafts session, their makings have been proudly displayed around the home as the themed autumn decoration. 

The staff at The Sycamores amazingly came together to donate foods for the Harvest Festival. As a team, they were able to fill a basket of dry foods which were donated to the local St Mary’s Church, who will work alongside The Sandwich Angels to feed the local homeless and vulnerable residents in and around the area. 

Carol Potts, Care Home Manager, commented, “A big ‘Thank You’ to everybody in our home who came together to celebrate this year’s Harvest Festival, we are proud to support each other. And the Residents certainly enjoyed the party overall, especially all the singing and dancing.”

Renee added, “Fantastic afternoon for the Residents, there was something going on for everybody and everyone seemed very engaged throughout the party which is lovely to see.”

See pictured Residents Joan Fogg, Joyce Lee, Edna Hamlett, Rona Billingsley, Marion Oliver, Ruby Allen, Robert Jackson, Hilary Jones and Peter Holroyd.