The Willows Residents experiment with cakes and scienceOver the last month at HC-One’s The Willows residential and residential memory care home, in Hinckley, it has been full of exciting activities including conducting a science experiment as well as cake decorating. 

In mid-September, Mike, Malcolm, Sally and Colin, who all live at the home, joined the wellbeing team and made some fun experiments including colour separation, rainbows, water walking, volcanos erupting and robot building. 

Some of the experiments worked a lot better than others but all were enjoyed. In particular, the rainbows were well-liked as they were made with skittles sweets and looked so bright and colourful. One of the Residents commented, “The colours are very bright.”

This week Residents had a great morning with decorating cupcakes with lots of different toppings, including the most popular which was chocolate!

Everyone involved including Pauline, Frank, Joyce, Maureen, Janet, Dudley, Jackie, Colin and Sally, enjoyed picking their toppings and eating a few as well (just to test!)

“The cakes are nice,” was a comment echoed around all. 

Anna Nowak, Care Home Manager, added, “Residents have kept very busy completing lots of activities and it has been very fun to watch.”