There is lots going on at Kirkwood CourtMany activities have taken place at HC-One’s Kirkwood Court, residential and residential memory care home, in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

At the beginning of the month Kirkwood Court participated in the Area 28’s Halloween Bake Off. It was such a fun competition which everyone got involved in. 

Each of the floors planned a design for the cake, in the Residents meeting the best cake was decided and that was the one which was chosen to be made. The amazing kitchen staff made the cake, and it was excellent. The cake was then taken to Orchard Mews to be judged. It was a ‘showstopper cake’ everyone loved the design. On the 9th of November the winner was announced, and Kirkwood Court were the winners.

John, a Resident, said, “I am very overwhelmed, it makes me happy to be apart of this whole process.”

Betty, another Resident, added, “How fabulous. We won! It makes me very happy that our cake was good enough to win!”

Angela Douglass, Care Home Manager, commented, “I am one very proud manager, all the Residents and staff worked as a team to make this happen.”

As well as the Bake Off, Abbie, Lauren and Kelly (staff members and family) took on a skydive to raise money for the ‘residents comfort fund’. They wanted to raise money for more life stations which will stimulate the Residents, activity resources and entertainers.

They did their skydive in Durham where they were joined by their families and colleagues who went to watch and give them support. After the skydive Abbie, Lauren and Kerry all said how amazing it was and how they would love to do it again, they told everyone how terrifying it was sitting on the edge of the plane before they had to jump out.

The skydive raised a huge £1000. They were very proud to show the staff and Residents the video of the skydive and the pictures which were posted in the newsletter.

Abbie, Senior Carer, said, “That was amazing I would love to do it all again! I can’t wait to go and show all the Residents what we have done.”

Ruth, a Resident, added, “Wow you are all so brave to do that. I would have been petrified.”

Angela, commented, “We can’t thank Lauren, Abbie and Kerry enough for what they have done for our Residents, I am very proud of them.”