Trying new things at Augustus Court care homeResidents at Augustus Court, residential care home, in Leeds are always keen to try out new activities and learn new skills.

It is a known fact that the Residents at Augustus Court love group activities. The usual activities which Residents enjoy are bingo, play your cards right, boules, balloon badminton and word jumble to get their brains ticking. 

Wellbeing Coordinator, Nicole, recently purchased some new activities to expand the catalogue of games offered to Residents.

The Residents enjoyed a game of target toss, there was lots of competition and laughs as the balls threw across the room.

For some of the Residents they did some reverse rainbow art and they loved it! They were mesmerised by the rainbow that lay hidden underneath and they were eager to reveal the patterns.

Delphine, a Resident was so happy when doing the rainbow art, she remarked, “It is amazing how it changes colour underneath.”

New activities provide new ways for the Residents to connect with not only each other, as well as their past passions and hobbies.

Julia Davison, Care Home Manager, commented, “The target toss is a perfect reminder of those that used to play tennis or sports. Our reverse rainbow art is great for the Residents and can be done unattended, giving them a sense of independence.”