Twin sisters reunited at Northwich care homeWhen two twin sisters were placed into separate care homes due to their care needs, Colleagues at Acorn Meadow, in Northwich, stepped in to reunite the sisters for good who are now living under the same roof with bedrooms next to each other!

Winifred “Winnie” Chirnside and Margaret McHugh were born on 18th December 1931 and spent their whole lives together every day for 90 years. 

In 2021, Winnie was diagnosed with dementia and moved into a care home closer to her family members. 

Winnie then moved to 48-bed Acorn Meadow residential dementia care home on 21st April 2022 and during that time said that she missed her sister Margaret daily. 

In May 2022, Margaret went into a care home in Salford where she was also pining for her sister.

Both Winnie and Margaret’s families approached Acorn Meadow and asked if there was anything that could be done to bring the sisters back together.

Colleagues at Acorn Meadow then set its sights on granting their wish to be reunited, and the home started the process of contacting social workers. After a lengthy process, on 13th September 2022, it finally happened; Winnie and Margaret are now happily living together again at Acorn Meadow. 

The sisters have rooms next to each other and can see each other as often as they wish. All Colleagues at the home were over the moon to see the sisters reunited and the family was equally pleased. 
Winnie said, "We will not be separated again."

Margaret added, "Oh, its just the best!"

Winnie and Margaret’s family, commented:
“We are so grateful for the lengths you have gone to in bringing Winnie and Margaret back together and we can’t thank you enough!”

Acorn Meadow Home Manager, Steve McCarthy said:
 “It was such a long process, however, being a kind care company, we are delighted that they are finally reunited.”