Victoria Manor residents have classic car show dream come trueTwo residents at HC-One’s Victoria Manor care home in Coventry had their dreams come true, after the care home manager arranged for a classic car show to be held on the grounds of the care home.

Norman East (95 years old and a resident at Victoria Manor since 2021) and Norman Tideswell (82 years old and a resident since 2018) are both car fanatics and often talk about their interest with each other and with friends and family. 

Mr East enjoys reading a monthly classic car newspaper and often says he wishes he could have afforded a big sports car. Mr Tideswell wished he had a better car to take dates on when he was younger, and always liked examining car engines. 

As they are unable to drive any longer, Tina Booton, the care home manager, arranged for local car enthusiasts to bring some classic vehicles to the care home for the two Normans to look at and appreciate in person.

There was a range of live musical entertainments on offer, as well as a range of lovely refreshments sorted. Other residents, their family and friends, as well as members of the local community all attended and enjoyed the wonderful afternoon. 

Also visiting were members of the Heart of England retro show club and lots of members of Coventry car club. 

Mr East said:

“I could only afford a Ford when I was a driver, but I wish I had some of these cars. And I wish I could get into one now - but I know I wouldn’t be able to get back out again!”

Ms Booton, Home Manager, said:

“It was fantastic how many people came and brought their vehicles, even though they did not know anyone from the home, we had a great community spirit. 

We had our onsite pub open for people to enjoy a drink or two, made some cakes and had pictures made from sugar paper with car show on which we gave to everyone.  

Above all though was how much our two Normans enjoyed themselves. They loved it and couldn’t believe so many cars showed up!

They have both said they would love to see some good old fashioned classic cars again and reminisce about the cars they would have liked to have driven when they were younger. Both enjoy looking at car books or shows on TV and have said they would love to smell the engine oil again. Today we have given them that opportunity, and it’s been wonderful.”