Warrens Hall monthly roundupThis month at Warrens Hall in Oldbury, which provides nursing care, Residents have enjoyed a range of different activities.

Throughout November Residents have been getting involved in autumn Crafts. They have enjoyed making different autumn pictures and collages full of autumn colours. Wool leaves were also knitted together to put on the tress around the home. 

A display was created called “what do you love about Autumn?” where Residents and Colleagues were encouraged to write on coloured leaves telling everybody what they enjoy the most about the season and then hang it on the tree. Residents chose their favourite autumn pictures to put on the display and put-up leaves all over the home to really bring the seasonal feel into the home. 

Warrens Hall was also the recipient of a special gift from the Bumble Hole friends of nature and Conservation. They dropped off one of their “Alternative Christmas Trees” to the home. Ann, a dear friend of one of the Residents and a volunteer at Warrens Hall enquired to buy one, which was in turn donated by the conservation! Colleagues gathered outside with the team and had their photo taken – which can be seen in this post. It was a tree made from scrap metal bars and wood from the reserve. 
One Resident said, “The tree is unique, so different and we can wait to decorate it light up our courtyard”. 

Fabiana, the Home Manager went on to say, “Thank you so much for bringing one of these wonderful trees to our home, our Colleagues and Residents think its great! The Residents have also done a fantastic job of giving the home a real autumn feel”.