West Lothian Residents strike a poseResidents and Staff at Linlithgow nursing and nursing memory care home have had fun with various glam photoshoots recently. 

Armed with only an iPad and props the Wellbeing Team, Stacey, Haley, Shelli and Lois, everyone involved made it their mission to put a smile on as many faces as possible!

Residents had a great time socialising with each other and encouraging others to strike a pose, which led to a lot of laughter and natural smiles. 

Staff were also invited to in join the fun.

Stacey commented, “This was a great activity for boosting everyone's confidence.”

Residents were amused by dressing up and picking props, they have been very happy with the resulting photos and families have appreciated seeing the photos of their loved ones.

Irene, who lives at Linlithgow, remarked, “I don't usually like having my photo being taken but this has been fun.”

Gina, Home Manager, added, “It's great seeing everyone in high spirits!”