Whitley Bay care home host a cheese and wine nightResident at Eastbourne House, residential and residential dementia care home, in Whitley Bay enjoyed a night filled with cheese and wine.

During November, Wellbeing Colleagues planned for a cheese and wine night for all the Residents to enjoy. 

They organised the evening and had a very large selection of treats to eat and drink. There was a selection of red and white wine as well as lots of cheese. There was Cranberry, Brie, Apricot, Cheddar cheese and more! 

There was something for everyone and the Residents were all loving the food on offer. To make the night a little more interesting there was a general knowledge quiz which went down a treat. 

It was so lovely to see the Residents socialising and having a great laugh together. The lights were turned down to provide a bit of mood lighting and further add to the ambience. The tables were set up similar to that of a pub quiz which was great and again added to the vibe.

Residents from both floors joined in and the fun everyone was having was so contagious. The Colleagues who attended felt so engrossed in the event because the atmosphere was so good.

During the quiz, one question was ‘What is the name of a baby goat?’ and someone shouted “DUCKLING!”, followed by another Resident who shouted, “you must be kidding”. The whole room erupted with laughter. The quick-wittedness of the joke was very impressive. Residents were recapping on that moment for the rest of the evening and re-enacting it. 

Jane a Resident at Eastbourne House, said, “It was great that so many got involved and the spread was lovely!”

Brenda, another Resident, added, “Thank you for organising this. It was such a great atmosphere and the best day I’ve had in a long time.”

Debbie White, Care Home Manager, remarked, “So many of the Residents were buzzing after it. They all seemed to be truly at home and loving being around their friends. The evening has really stuck in the minds of our Residents as they keep talking about it!”