Whitley Bay care home host a spooktacular Halloween partyOn Halloween day at Eastbourne House care home in Whitley Bay, Colleagues organised a party for the Residents in the Grace Lounge. 

For a month the Colleagues and Residents have been decorating the lounge, putting up posters, and organising some Halloween-themed party games. 

A playlist of spooky music was put together, including some classic Halloween favourites. Meanwhile, the kitchen put together a themed menu, including ghoul-lash, blood bath punch, and hubble bubble and squeak.

Relatives were invited along to the party and to spend time with their loved ones. The music was turned on, and everyone started talking and even dancing. After about half an hour, a game of Halloween bingo started. Everyone was given picture bingo cards and were told to cross off things a witch would own or things you could see while trick or treating.

Halfway through the game, the tea trolly rolled in, redecorated as the trick-or-treat trolly. Residents could choose between sweets, chocolate bars, or a written joke. A favourite joke was “Why didn’t the skeleton go trick-or-treating?” to which one Resident, Margaret, replied “Because he’s dead!” which caused a lot of laughs.

After the bingo finished there was lots more talking and dancing, and everyone enjoyed a witch’s brew and spider cupcakes.

Rosalind Marsh, a Residents daughter, commented, “Thank you for organising this, my dad had a lovely time!”

Another Resident, said, “It was nice for all of us to spend time together at the party.”

Debbie White, Care Home Manager, added, “The Residents had a lovely night and can’t wait for next years Halloween party.”