Winters Park Residents have scones out at local café in the lakesAs it was such a sunny day on Monday 19th of September, Colleagues at HC-One’s Winters Park care home, in Penrith, asked Residents if they would like to go out for a drive, and the group ended up at a café, trying some of the most delicious tasting scones!

Residents of the 40-bed residential and residential dementia care home suggested going to the Pot Place, which is a local garden centre for a cup of tea and a scone. Four Residents, Elsie Jenner, Doreen Sells, Colin Hulse and Joan Jenkins, went out with Carol Cooper, Activities Coordinator and Jackie McGough, Deputy Manager. They were safely driven by David Cowin, Maintenance Manager (and Bus Driver!)

The highlight of the trip was most certainly the cheese scones and the fruitcake at the café, much to the Residents’ liking as they sat down and had a good old chinwag among one another, debating the deliciousness of the scones!

After the refreshments at the Pot Place, (home to the largest cheese scones in Cumbria) they went for a lovely drive around the Lakes taking in the beautiful views from the windows in the minibus.

One of the Residents commented, “The lakes are truly beautiful!”

Kate Lewis, Home Manager at Winters Park, commented, “It is so lovely to see the Residents enjoying the last bit of summer, and the scenery at this time of year is stunning. The cheese scone they brought me back was delicious!”