World Chocolate Day celebrations at Penrith care homeWorld Chocolate Day was celebrated in a delicious way this year at HC-One’s Cold Springs Park care home in Penrith.

There were lots of different chocolates to try throughout the day, including desserts and cakes baked by the kitchen team.

Some of the chocolates were soft centred and some were just so chocolatey! Staff and residents particularly enjoyed milk ones, white ones and dark ones – everyone had a preference.  

Residents also spent the day doing crosswords, word searches and quizzes with prizes of yet more chocolate!
Residents discussed with staff the names of places with 'chocolate' in them and discussed the history of chocolate. The team at the care home are sure that there was more chocolate consumed that day than Willy Wonka!

Located on Scaws Drive, Cold Springs Park care home offers short and long term care packages for older ladies and gentlemen in Penrith that require residential care and residential memory care for those living with dementia.