World Environment Day 2024 How HC One is helping build a kinder future tomorrow

At HC-One we believe in caring with kindness, and that includes being kind to the world around us. This World Environment Day, we're shining a spotlight on a series of initiatives happening across our family of care homes in England, Scotland and Wales.

Working together with our community

Our care homes care about the impact our actions and choices have on the environment, and our wider community. As such, many of our homes are making positive changes to help build a kinder future together.

Working together with our local communities – schools, colleges, charities and community groups – colleagues, residents and families are making changes big and small to make a difference. For example, many of our homes are encouraging green-fingered gardeners to grow their own food or set up wildlife havens (like Fleming Court care home in Newcastle – who have built their own bug hotels!).

Upgrading our care home environments

Our property team is working closely with a number of our care homes in a bid to be kinder to the environment.
These upgrades, which are initially taking place across seven of our homes, are not only kinder to the planet - but they will create a more comfortable and energy-efficient living space for the people living in our homes.

Here comes the sun - and solar energy!

One of the most exciting changes is the installation of solar panels, something which we are planning for several of our homes. This means a significant portion of their electricity will be generated from renewable solar energy, reducing our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.

For Snapethorpe Hall Care Home in Wakefield - one of the first homes selected for solar panels - this is expected to save around 12 tonnes of carbon per year, the equivalent of planting over 561 trees!

Making our energy go further

We're also focusing on improving energy efficiency through better insulation. This includes cavity wall and loft insulation upgrades, along with window repairs and improved seals. This will not only make our homes more comfortable but also help us reduce our overall energy consumption.

The installation of voltage optimisation units is also aiming to help reduce the electricity consumption across the selected homes.

Smarter heating systems

Upgrading to thermostatic radiator valves across these seven care homes will allow for better control of heating in each home. This means warmer rooms when needed, but also avoids unnecessary heating, reducing energy waste.

Additionally, a thermal imaging survey will be conducted at each home to identify areas where heat loss might be occurring. With this, we can then make targeted improvements to prevent these losses.

Conserving every drop

To reduce water waste, we’re installing water loggers in all seven homes. These loggers will continuously monitor water usage, which will help to identify any leaks or areas with particularly high consumption. With this information, we can easily take targeted action to address any issues.

A brighter future (literally)

We're replacing traditional lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the homes. This not only reduces our energy consumption but some of the new lighting systems use circadian rhythms, which can be really helpful for improving people’s natural sleep patterns, which will improve their overall well-being.

Greener ways of cooking and cleaning

To reduce our carbon footprint we also need to look at the energy being used in everyday tasks such as cooking and laundry, and how we can reduce our reliance on gas and lower our carbon footprint.

That is why many of our homes (in addition to the seven taking part in these changes) are planning upgrades within their kitchens to replace gas appliances for electric alternatives. Selected homes will also have installed new Air Source Heat Pump Dryers, that extract heat from the air to dry clothes instead of relying on gas.

Our commitment to a kinder future

These changes are just one part of HC-One's ongoing commitment to building a kinder future, caring with kindness not only for those in our homes and their families, but also to the world around us.

Happy World Environment Day!

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