Hailsham care home connects with local community
Residents at HC-One’s Hailsham House care home were delighted to receive some surprise letters from a local school.

Pupils from Years 1 and 4 at Phoenix Academy sent the handwritten letters to the Residents at the home. Each letter was personalised to the Resident and included stories of the childrens’ pets and hobbies, with many of them also hoping the Residents are doing well.

The letters included many drawings of the home as well as hearts and happy faces to bring joy to Residents at the home.

One Resident in particular, Cyril, was so overwhelmed with his letter that he even shed a few tears, remarking that the letter made him so happy that it warmed his heart.

Many of the Residents were so eager to reply that they had already prepared their responses by that afternoon. They are delighted to have made some new pen pals, the children have lifted their spirits and brought so much joy.

Home Manager, Katie Brewster, commented: “We think it is extremely important to keep our Residents connected with the local community and having pen pals is a great way to do this.”