Huge thanks for donation at Braintree care homeThe daughter-in-law of one of the Residents at Larchwood care home in Essex has given the home the biggest donation they have ever received and the home would like to express their sincere gratitude. 

A total of 50 reading books, 10 jigsaw puzzles, handbags, vases, ceramic pictures, soft toys, Christmas decorations and cushions were kindly given to Larchwood. The books have been added to the library in the activity lounge along with the new pictures for decoration, the soft toys are going to be used in the sensory sessions, the cushions have been used in the activity lounge as well, they have been made into a ‘comfy area’. The Christmas decorations have been stored until December (as we are a little early just yet!)

These items will make a huge difference to our Residents at Larchwood. They couldn’t believe at how much was donated. 

One of the Residents absolutely loves reading and she said she loved the books. 

Another Residents commented on the new cushions and pictures in the lounge saying it looked, “Rather pretty!”

The lady who donated these items visited back a few days later and everyone was able to thank her in person. 

Home Manager, Jade Leigh Smith, said, “We were so surprised and overwhelmed at how kind and thoughtful the donations were, all of which will definitely be fully utilised throughout the home. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who has donated to Larchwood in the past. We are very grateful.”