Leicestershire care home Resident celebrates 99th birthdayResident Alice Frost from HC One’s Hinckley Park is celebrating her 99th birthday today.

Edith Frost, better known as Alice to her family and Hinckley Park’s staff, celebrated her 99th birthday at the Leicestershire home.

Whilst still under lockdown, Colleagues at the home wanted to make sure the day was as special as possible.

Thanks to modern technology Alice was able to see lots of her family and friends to celebrate her 99th year through plenty of video calls throughout the day.

Gifts were sent to the home for Alice to open, she also received lots of cards to put up around her room. Staff also put up banners and balloons too.

The chef made her a cake full of her favourite chocolates, Malteasers! 
Alice’s family commented “Thank-you for making Alice’s birthday as special as possible.”

Alice once said to her family that if she reached 100 and Charles was on the throne she would send her card back! She’s determined to get a card from the Queen next year and we’re here to cheer her on! 
Alice said “you’re all so lovely to me, thank-you.”

It is clear that Alice has touched a lot of people’s lives and everybody made such an effort to make sure she had a fantastic day. Happy Birthday Alice!