National top spinning day for Mitcham ResidentsColleagues and Residents at Fieldway care home, in Surrey, decided to celebrate national top spinning day by colouring in their own spinning tops. 

“I put on a greatest hits from the 80s CD so we could sing as we crafted,” explained Wellbeing Coordinator, Suzi. 

There were eight Residents in the lounge along with Suzi. Some chose to colour them and the Residents loved choosing the colours and were each impressed to actually see that they worked. 

“This provided a lot of fun for everyone, and Residents were also eager to show other members of staff their spinning tops spinning away,” added Suzi, “The day ran smoothly, it was lovely to give Residents a chance to celebrate a day and they really enjoyed spinning them and watching.”

The task gave some Residents the chance to reminisce about playing with toys such as spinning tops when they were younger.

Home Manager, Dahlia Clarke, said, “It was nice to see Residents create something that brought up so many memories and smiles.”