Newton centenarian celebrates 105th birthdayA fun-filled day was enjoyed at HC-One’s the Sycamores care home, on Tameside, where one very special Resident celebrated his 105th birthday. 

Mr Harry Bartram’s turned 105 today and chose to spend his time, just how he wanted to in his room; but was still made a big fuss of for his amazing milestone of reaching a fantastic age. 

Harry is a very able and fit man, he has very slight impairments and requires minimum support and assistance. On the day of his birthday, he enjoyed lots of family visits throughout the day, with two separate indoor face-to-face visits with his daughters and sons-in-laws, where together they enjoyed afternoon tea in Harry’s room.

He also enjoyed many phone calls from his family which are located all around the world, including Germany and Switzerland. Harry enjoyed being sang to by his great-grandchildren who made it extra special over the phone. 

Harry Bartram was over the moon to receive another special card from Her Majesty, The Queen on his birthday too (see pictured). He also had a big balloon display that filled his room and three handmade cakes too. He said he has had an excellent day and was just so happy his family could celebrate with him!

At the end of the day, Harry had said he had felt “exceptionally special” today and thanked Colleagues for making his day so special.

Harry’s mission is to reach his 106th birthday so he can receive another treasured card from Her Majesty, The Queen!

The family presented the home with a very lovely card, thanking the staff for Harry’s special day, “Thank you for making my dad feel so special on this amazing birthday when we aren’t able too!”

Renee Bell, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “We sang happy birthday with Harry and his family before leaving them to enjoy their visit.”