Residents at Falkirk care home enjoy a spot of gardeningResidents at HC-One’s Kinnaird Manor care home in Falkirk spent some time in the garden, in the lovely spring sun, after they received a lovely rose bush.

Andy Smith, a Resident at Kinnaird Manor received a rose bush for his daughter for his birthday, so Andy along with some other Residents and staff went outside and walked around the garden to find the perfect place to plant it.

Staff cleaned out a large pot so that Andy could fill it with soil and plant the rose bush in it, but not before he was instructing staff on what to do, “It’s a lovely big garden, we could do lots with it”, said Andy.

Kinnaird Manor Care Assistant, Angela Hogg said: “It’s lovely to see Andy so engaged in what he’s doing.”

Gardening helps keep elderly general health in a better state by strengthening bones, muscles and joints; it also helps the elderly with balance resulting in less falls and keeps blood pressure at bay.