Staff at Bolton care home come together to help with crisisColleagues at HC One’s Meadowbank House have been helping out families in crisis.

Henry Francisco has been a part of the Bolton care home team for over 8 years now. He is known to, without a fail, put a smile on all the Residents faces with his cheeky ways. 

Henry, who is originally from the Philippines, had moved to England with his wife, who is a nurse, to try and provide themselves and their family in the Philippines with a better life. 

On the 7th of November a Typhoon hit his home town and killed over 43 people leaving 1000’s of people homeless. 

Members of Henry’s family had their homes flooded and all of their belongings destroyed. His 74 year old mother and sister narrowly escaped with their lives by finding safely on the roof until they were rescued. 

Within a few days, everyone at the home came together and raised almost £250 for his mother.

Henry said “thank-you for the bottom of my heart” whilst he shed a tear.
It is so important to come together in a crisis and the home is so happy they could raise some money to help.